Internal Stations 4+1 - Farfisa intercoms in Miami, USA

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Configurations > Reduced Wiring

The Farfisa electronic call system allows for the realization of intercom, video intercom, digital and intercom-telephone systems. The modularity of Farfisa indoor and outdoor devices allows for system extension to satisfy the most diverse user's requirements, from individual houses to apartment buildings, from simple intercoms to complete video intercom sets.

> Audio Diagram

> Video Diagram

> Wiring Specifications


Color hands-free monitor for 4+1 reduced wiring.

  • LCD 3.5'' screen adjustable on horizontal axis.

  • Function buttons for door opening, auto switch-on, bell exclusion (with LED indicating the setting).

  • Volume and brightness adjustment.

  • 6 further buttons for intercommunicating and additional functions.

  • Dim: 208x103x26 mm

  • Color: white and gray

Built-in back box for EH9161CW and EH9161CT.

WA 9100W
Wall adaptor for surface mounting ofEH9161CW.
Dim: 86x192x26 mm
Color: white

TA 9160
Table adaptor for Echos monitors.
Dim: 135x240x75 mm


Dim: mm 211x218x62
Colour: white
LCD 4” monitor even.
Provided with 7 function buttons (2 for auto switch-on and door opening and further 5 for additional functions).

Dim: mm 211x218x62
Colour: white
Colour monitor LCD 4” screen, basic version,
provided with 3 function buttons for auto switch-on, door-opening and
additional functions.

Dim: mm 218x65x62
Colour: white
Basic intercom, supplied with 1 button for door-lock release and further 2 buttons  for additional functions.

Dim: mm 218x83x62
Colour: white
Intercom, provided with 8 function buttons of which 1 for  door-opening and further 7 for additional functions.

Wall bracket to mount on the wall EX3160C,
EX3160 and EX3100C monitors in 4+1 reduced wiring.
> Manual

Table adaptor for Exhito videointercoms. Made in metal, it is provided with 2.4 m cable with 20 conductors.

Table adaptor for Exhito intercoms. Made in metal, it is provided with 2.4 m cable with 20 conductors.

Additional button module for EX321 and EX311 intercoms.


Additional loudspeaker module to be inserted into EX321 and EX311 intercoms.

3 LED module to be inserted into EX321 to indicate auxilliary services.

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