Door Stations DF6000 - Farfisa intercoms in Miami, USA

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Dim: mm 115x115
Audio module with door speaker and 1 call button for 1+1 intercom systems electronic call and for DF6000 digital systems.

Dim: mm 115x115
Colour camera and audio module with 1 call button. Autoiris 3.6 mm lens. For 4+1 reduced wiring systems and for DF6000 digital systems.

Dim: mm 115x115
Digital keypad made by front plate and 14 steel buttons. It is equipped with 16 characters on 2 lines display. It allows the user chime by dialling the corresponding number and electric lock release by entering the 4-digit private code.The electronic index is also integrated. Scrolling function allows to display the tenant names in alphabetical sequence and user chime. It contains up to 259 name users. This integration allow to reduce further space compared to different
corresponding modular compositions.

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