Profilo FN4000 - Farfisa intercoms in Miami, USA

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Dim: mm 99x110x17
Audio module with integrated door speaker without call buttons.

Dim: mm 99x110x17
Colour camera module with door speaker
integrated without call buttons. To be joint
to TD4100PL or to CD4134PL or CD4138PL
modules with traditional call buttons.

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Dim: mm 99x110x17
Digital door station for FN4000, with aluminium
front plate and 14 steel buttons. 16-digit display on 2 lines. Name scrolling in alphabetical order. 200 user names capacity.

> Manual

Dim: mm 99x110x17
Digitizer with 4 buttons for composition with conventional external stations for digital FN4000 systems. It allows for coding up to 63 users.

Dim: mm 99x110x17
Digitalizador con 8 pulsadores en 2 #las para composiciónes
con placas tradicionales para sistemas digitales FN4000, permite codi$car hasta 63 usuarios.

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