Internal Stations DF6000 - Farfisa intercoms in Miami, USA

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The Farfisa DF6000 digital system has been developed with advanced solid state technology and microprocessors to allow for the installation of intercom and video intercom systems with medium or high number of users using a reduced number of conductors (2 for intercom systems; 5 for video intercom systems). Different combinations of the units provide a wide range of functions in order to satisfy multiple users' needs.

> Audio Diagram

> Video Diagram

> Wiring Specifications

Dim: mm 211x218x62
Colour: white
LCD 4” monitor supplied with 7 function buttons
(auto switch-on, door lock and further 5 for additional functions). It can be installed in DF6000 digital system if combined with specific WB3162 wall bracket.

Dim: mm 211x218x62
Colour: white
Colour monitor LCD 4” screen, basic version, provided with 3 function buttons for auto switch-on, door-opening
and additional functions. For DF6000 systems if connected with WB3162 wall brackets.

Wall bracket with terminals for electrical connection
and wall mounting of EX3160, EX3160C or EX3100C in digital DF6000 systems.
> Manual

Table adaptor for Exhito videointercoms. Made in metal, it is provided with 2.4 m cable with 20 conductors.

Digital Audio Intercom for DF6000 system.

Dedicated intercom in white color with integrated decode module. Jumper address selection. Electronic buzzer for call from landing. Cutout switch of ringer and ringer volume adjustment. Color: white

Dim: mm 65x218x62
Colour: white
Intercom for DF6000 system, basic version. With integrated
decoding and address selection by shunting. Provided with 1 lock release button and 2 further ones for extra functions.

Table adaptor for Exhito intercoms. Made in metal, it is provided with 2.4 m cable with 20 conductors.

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