MatrixS FN4000 - Farfisa intercoms in Miami, USA

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Dim: mm 115x115
Audio module with door speaker, without call button.

Dim: mm 115x115
Colour camera and audio module without
call buttons with 6 white LED. Autoiris 3.6 mm lens. If equipped with CV01 video signal is converted in balanced.

Dim: mm 115x115
Digital door station of Matrix series with
front plate and 14 Key in stainless steel. 16 characters on 2 lines display. The electronic index is also integrated. Name Scrolling in alphabetical sequence. 250 name users capacity.

> Manual

Dim: mm 115x115
Digitizer for conventional push button pannels, it is contained in a Matrix single module and allows for coding up to 63 users.

> Manual

Dim: mm 115x115
Module for additional call buttons for
FN4000, with 4 call buttons to be connected
to CD4130MAS. Encoding board for 4 buttons integrated.

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