Internal Stations FN4000 - Farfisa intercoms in Miami, USA

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The Farfisa FN4000 digital system has been developed with advanced technology and microprocessors to allow for the installation of intercom and video intercom systems with medium or high number of users using a reduced number of wires (5 for intercom systems, 5 or 6 plus coaxial cable or twisted pair for video intercom systems). Different combinations of the units provide a wide range of functions in order to satisfy multiple users' needs.

> Audio Diagram

> Video Diagram

> Wiring Specifications


Dim: mm 208x103x26
Colour: white and grey
Colour hand-free monitor for FN4000 digital
system. LCD 3.5” screen, adjustable on horizontal axis. Function buttons for dooropening, auto-switch-on, bell exclusion (with LED indicating the setting), volume and brightness adjustment and further 6 buttons for intercommunicating and additional functions.

> Manual

Built-in back box for Echos monitor.

Dim: mm 86x192x26
Colour: white
Wall adaptor for surface mounting of white Echos monitor.

Dim: mm 240x135x75
Table adaptor for Echos monitor to be mounted with wall adaptor WA9100W.


Dim: mm 211x218x62
Colour: white

LCD 4” monitor supplied with 7 function buttons
(auto switch-on, door lock and further 5 for additional functions).

> Manual

Dim: mm 211x218x62
Color: white

Color monitor LCD 4” screen, basic version, provided with 3 function buttons for auto switch-on, door-opening and additional functions.

Dim: mm 83x218x62
Color: white

Intercom with integrated decoding module. Provided with 7
function buttons (door-opening and further 6 for additional
functions) for FN4000 digital systems.

Dim: mm 65x218x62
Color: white

Intercom for FN4000, basic version. With integrating decoding
module. Reduced dimensions and essential functions guaranteed, it is provided with 3 function buttons (1 for door lock release and further 2 for additional functions) to get the best quality/price ratio.


Dim: mm 86x211x65
Colour: white

Intercom for FN4000 digital system with
integrated decoding. Provided with 1 button for door-opening and one further for additional functions.

> Manual

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