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The Duo System uses only 2 non-polarized wires, enough to easily make quite complex installations simple.

The Duo System allows up to 200 internal stations connected to different risers, video and audio signals, door lock opening service and controls of various other functions, improving the quality and simplifying the system and the maintenance.

> Audio Diagram

> Video Diagram


Dim: mm 211x218x62
Colour: white

Color monitor LCD 4” screen. Provided with 7 function buttons (auto
switch-on, door-opening and further 5 for additional functions).

Dim: mm 211x218x62
Colour: white

Color monitor LCD 4” screen for Duo System. Basic model,
provided with 3 function buttons, necessary to get the best
quality/price ratio.

Wall bracket for EX3262C

Wall bracket for EX3252C

Dim: mm 83x218x62
Colour: white

Intercom, provided with 7
function buttons, 1 of which door-opening and further 6 for additional functions.

Dim: mm 65x218x62
Colour: white

Intercom for Duo System basic version, provided of 3 function
buttons of which 1 lock release and_ further 2 for additional functions to get the best quality/price ratio.


Dim: mm 208x103x26
Color: white and grey

Color hand-free monitor for Duo System
Color. LCD 3.5” screen, adjustable on horizontal axis. Function buttons for dooropening, auto switch-on, bell exclusion (with LED indicating the setting), volume and brightness adjustment and 6 further buttons for intercommunicating and additional functions.


Dim: mm 154x154x30
Colour: white

Color hands-free myLogic One videointercom for Duo System Color. OSD technology. 4.3” screen, 16:9 format. 4 function buttons for the classic videointercom functions (door-lock, intercommunication, auto switch-on etc..). Compatible with the PDX2000 digital door-keeper exchanger.

Dim: mm 154x154x30
Color: white

Color hand-free video intercom for Duo System Color. 4.3” LCD-TFT touch screen,  16:9 format. 4 function buttons and instructions on the graphic interface (by finger touch or nib supplied) for the classical video intercom functions (door lock, intercommunication, auto switch-on etc). Further advanced features as missed chimes with visitor photo, block notes, memo, photo frame. Software updating and imported personal pictures are possible through memory card.

Dim: mm 154x154x30
Color: metal grey and dark anthracite color

Color hand-free videointercom with home automation functions
for Duo System. 4.3” LCD-TFT touch screen, 16:9 format. In videointercom area door-lock, intercommunication, auto switch-on, video memory, block notes, memo. Home automation functions allow external devices control through specific interfaces. Software updating and imported personal pictures are possible through memory card. Further info about Aci Farfisa Home Automation are available in the specific chapter.


Hands-free video intercom for DUO 2 wires technology.

3.5” LCD screen with soft touch backlit keys. Available for flush wall mount installation.

Dim: mm 123x168x29
Colour: black

Black colored monitor with 3,5” LCD display. It’s with soft touch
buttons either for functions activation or to drive the OSD system operations. Back-lit icons, ESP audio system. Surface mounting (metal wall bracket included). It allows electric lock release, bell sound exclusion, camera auto switching and a second lock opening.

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