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Echos is provided with a 3.5” LCD screen that can be adjusted on the horizontal axis to compensate for reflections and ensure correct vision for the user. Hand-free video intercom with intuitive function buttons for door lock release, auto switch-on, ring tone deactivation (with LED for status indication), audio volume and picture brightness adjustment and more. Echos his available for DUO System, FN4000, reduced or conventional wiring installations.

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White monitor with 4” LCD screen. Many working possibilities, thanks t to the 7 function buttons devoted to auto switch-on, door lock opening and further 5 for intercommunicating calls and auxiliary services on plus version or basic solutions (even audio only) are available, for cases of reduced available space and great quality/price ratio. Exhito is able to work in all system requirements, starting from reduced wiring or conventional wiring up to the digital FN4000, DF6000 or DUO systems.

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It is an elegant, refined hand-free videointercom with a large 4.3” 16:9 format touch screen LCD-TFT. Available for DUO systems in three versions. MyLogic One, MyLogic Touch & MyLogic Automation. The last two in addition to traditional videointercom features, it offers intercom/text transmission, block notes, lost calls recording with photo etc. Provided with memory card reader to import pictures as photo frame, to be used even for personalized screen saver.

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Designed to be surface wall mounted. Available in total White and total Black, ZHero suits any architectural and furnishing style. Also ZHero takes full advantage of the OSD system to plan and organize operations details and the 3,5” display parameters. The soft touch buttons allow you to easily govern access to the menu and easily operate the functions that are most often used. Backlit icons and high quality ESP audio system give further comfort and elegance to the monitor. Available for DUO Systems only.

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